just murder me murder me rn how could you look like that YOU REMIND ME OF SOMEONEahhhhhhsfksjf

7/08/14 AT 7:04 pm
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meep (-) i still havent gotten my laptop fixed but (+) i got my drawing entry for a local contest done!!!!! which is nice but (-) being my workaholic self i actually worked on it all night and now it’s going 7pm and i haven’t slept from 2am and for some reason i can’t either so i’m just lying here in my bed feeling somewhere between unwell and hyper. still (+) it’s nice because i can lay here and think of doodles ideas and omnipost ideas and OH OH fic ideas even though (-) ive been rereading my old writings and i truly screamed in shame like legit screaming and burrying my face into my pillow like wow karin wtf did you write wtf did you post???? (+) BUT that aside i’ve been rereading stufffs and by stuffs i mean yaoi mangas yes i know im trash but it’s good??? it’s been a while since i screamed from reading manga????

hanyway capping because ashita no kimi deserves more lovelovelove it was what brought me to my now favorite yaoi mangaka yamamoto-sensei and i still cant stop fangirling bc beside the gorgeous art and angsty story they remind me of david and rush and i am actually half reading ashita half imagining this is some gakuen!au dash doujin (actually make it triple bc im also reading honto yajuu. somehow it takes forever for the pages to load?? ew)

wow ugh i am so sorry for myself shame on you karin. see? lack of sleep equals much empty blabbering. i dont even know anymore. im quite thankful bf’s not here. ok i excuse me while i… go on reading.

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xremakes of old things (1/?) 


1 bedroom apartment floorplan


THROWBACK?  a mix designed to take you back to the simple times of your childhood - focusing primarily on old school radio disney songs. enjoy!

i. we got the party - hannah montana ft. jonas brothers  // ii. chemicals react - aly & aj // iii. too little too late - jojo // iv. she’s no you - jesse mccartney // v. outside looking in - jordan pruitt // vi. wannabe - spice girls // vii. la la land - demi lovato // viii. i’m with you - avril lavigne // ix. kiss me - new found glory // x. i want it that way - backstreet boys // xi. he could be the one - hannah montana // xii. ultimate - lindsay lohan // xiii.  beautiful soul - jesse mccartney // xiv. some call it magic - raven symoné // xv. hit me baby one more time - britney spears // xvi. pieces of me - ashlee simpson // xvii. strut - the cheetah girls // xviii. sos - jonas brothers // xix. just the girl - the click five // xx. leave (get out) - jojo // xxi. potential breakup song - aly & aj // xxii. bye bye bye - nsync // xxiii. what dreams are made of - hilary duff // xxiv. wherever i go - hannah montana // xxv. could it be - christy carlson romano

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people come and go but video games are forever

Disney Princess Minimalist Edit


Mamoru Hosoda’s Summer Wars (Samâ uôzu) was first released on August 1st, 2009. It bears many similarities to Digimon Adventure: Our War Game!, which was also directed by Mamoru Hosoda and released in 2000.


Greatest artist to live